Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is Google’s ad platform. Its first version was launched in 2000 and since then it has been leading the Online Media market. Through Google Ads it is possible to create Search, Display, Youtube, Gmail and Play Store ads.

In this increasingly digital world, an excellent tool that becomes our best ally is Google Ads, but how to create a successful campaign? We tell you all about it!

Now, if you do not have much experience in this type of campaign and you have some doubts to clarify, these tips will surely help you, take a look!

The first thing you should do is to identify your target. If you are going to create an ad that attracts the users you are trying to attract, it is essential to know who you are attracting. Make sure you identify which market or target audience your ad is aimed at, so you can tailor the content of your ad in an appealing way.

The next step is to solve a problem with your offer. How? It is important that your offer represents a solution to a problem for your potential customers, for this, you should ask yourself what makes you stand out from the competition, what are those extra factors that make customers choose your product or service and what do you really offer, taking into account the benefits that lead to the purchase by customers. These benefits are key when creating your ad, as they are a fundamental part of getting customers to click.

Now, it is essential that you put yourself in the shoes of your future customers, what are they really looking for, how would they search for it, what words would they google… Let’s remember that Google constantly seeks to refine the results it offers to users based on specific intentions, so you must be quite clear and carry out a previous research before launching yourself into the water.

Determine specifically what you want to achieve with your campaign. Your objective may vary between increasing traffic to your website, finding participants for your events, gaining subscribers for your services, etc., if you have this clear you will surely get the result you expect. It is essential to establish a specific call to action, whether users click and go to a landing page, call you on the phone, buy your products, make a reservation or follow you on social networks, it all depends on a good and attractive communication!

Never forget to keep an eye on the competition. It is always good to keep abreast of their offers and way of working, but always try to surpass them, not copy them. Remember that in the middle of everything are our clients, who are looking for a unique experience and it will be useless to offer them the same or provide them with a bad service. Reconsider the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns based on a 100% loyal competition.

Finally, do not hesitate to measure your results. The budget you invest day by day, week by week and month by month in AdWords must be closely linked to your performance measurement for your campaigns to avoid losing money.

Fortunately there are several ways to measure campaigns depending on the metrics you want to monitor, for example:

  1. Number of clicks on your landing page linked to the article.
  2. Number of subscribers obtained with the ad
  3. Amount of traffic or sales obtained
  4. Return on investment

With these small, but very valuable tips your Ads campaign will surely be a success, get ready to knock it out of the ballpark! And surprise with the best results.

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